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Ideal Customer

So what is an Ideal Customer Profile? Your answer may be, “anyone willing to pay us. Why would I exclude anyone? Everyone is a potential customer. I just need my company’s name out there and the right people will find us”. But I’m going to urge you to think in a different way. If you’ll give me the chance to explain, I think you’ll immediately recognize the benefits.

Creating an Ideal Customer Profile and marketing to them does not necessarily mean forsaking all other customers. It’s instead about focus. You may want to create several marketing campaigns that target several ideal customers or market to one Ideal customer, dominate that field and move on to the next one. You might also market certain offers, products and services to certain ideal customers or simply find one niche and stick with it. Whatever you do, you want to know your Ideal Customer Profile.

Identifying your Ideal Customer profile advantages:

  • Your resources, time and money, are not spread too thin
  • Your message is more personalized and relevant
  • You are perceived as a specialist, instead of as a commodity based on price

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Not convinced yet? Let’s keep moving. We’ll start with how you would create an Ideal Customer Profile in the first place and what that means.

Consider these three things:

  • Do I want to work with this customer?
  • How much does this customer value my goods or services?
  • How profitable is this customer?

If you are already in business, look at your current customer base. How much money do they make you? Is difficult or time-consuming was it to work with that customer or get that customer? How much did they value your goods and services?

Think logically about who your customer is or could be. Is there a niche that is underserved? Does your Unique Selling Proposition really speak to a particular type of customer? Consider doing market research on your own or through an agency to really figure out who you want to go after.

Once you’ve identified your Ideal Customer, make a detailed profile of who this person is. Give them a name, a backstory. Look for specifics about them that might be relevant.

Questions to ask, such as these:

  • Old or young
  • Male or Female
  • Conservative or Liberal
  • Ethnicity
  • Geography
  • Income
  • Education
  • Job title