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Listen. Strategize. Create.

Beyond Theory was built around one common principle: Passion. Our clients are our partners, and their business is our business. It’s simple. We’re passionate, creative-strategists that demand results. Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, we’re the most effective agency around. In a fast-paced industry that’s perpetually on the verge of “the next big thing,” we believe there is no replacement for putting in the work. Day in, day out, nose-to-the-grindstone, good ol’ fashioned work. We believe in keeping our word, seeing things all the way through, and simply doing the right thing.

Ryan Huffman, CEO

Ryan Huffman founded Beyond Theory because he knew his clients and potential clients deserved something better. With more than a decade of experience under his belt, Ryan has worked in nearly every facet of the industry. He’s pushed through the nitty-gritty details of building robust advertising campaigns, produced extraordinary creative marketing concepts, executed measurable digital strategies, and worked with nearly every agency in the state. But Ryan knew that his clients could go even further. Their marketing could go from “good” to “great”.

Beyond Theory Marketing Partner James Price

James Price, CCO

With a 15-year reputation for being one of the best creative talents in the state, James has more than proven himself as an expert storyteller and marketer. He has built a team of technical and creative designers and filmmakers who have produced creative content for hundreds of businesses and non-profits across the southwest.

Together, our aim is to provide a real solution to companies looking for something better. Not an agency that is good at one niche of the industry, but a marketing partner willing to dig their heels in and get it right. We’re all in, we dive deep into our clients’ industries, goals, and unique situations, and build – block by block – a strategy that is specifically designed around their specific goals and challenges. We thrive on the intuition that can only come from years of doing the work, day after day. Sure, we’re into the “next big thing” but more importantly, we’re into what works.