clip from video production by Oklahoma city production company

Salazar Roofing & Construction

The Family That Roofs Together, Sticks Together

This fast-paced, family-owned roofing company needed a nimble team that could move as quickly as they do. With a multi-faceted operation that was quickly expanding across the U.S., the Salazar’s needed to develop some brand love in states where people had never heard of them – fast! And that’s the story of how we instantly grew to know and love all things roofing.

Staying true to the beloved Salazar brand, we developed creative strategies that could be deployed in a new market within a matter of minutes.  In an industry where trust is paramount, we simply began telling the powerful story of who the Salazar’s are and what they do. The BT team introduced a new style of storytelling to the brand with a broadcast spot that was shot right in their home. We then complemented that with informational content on exactly who they are and what they do.