OKC video production set for campaign creation

Campaign Creation

Storytelling is an art form we take seriously around here. There’s nowhere it lives and thrives more obviously than across the life of a campaign. The power of marketing lies within the story. And the story is built on the foundation of the bonafide nuts and bolts of a brand. Not in the colors and logos and meticulous font selections, (although they’re a fantastic compliment) but simply put, it’s in who you are and what you’re all about. Once we’ve got that nailed down, we’re ready to get to work.

We develop campaign concepts that we draft, revise, work-over, trash, revive, revise, revise, and revise until we’ve got it right. In a time where new media outlets are emerging everyday, we take it back to the age-old journalism basics: cross your t’s, dot your i’s, and the good stuff goes up top. It’s an internal mantra for the BT team, but the point is clear: pay attention to details and get to the point. A campaign should unpack a compelling story that catches the eye, captures the heart, and moves the soul. Depending on our outlet, we’re often limited to 3 seconds to gain attention and less than 30 to tell a story. We stop the scroll by telling a relevant story that instantly commands attention.

Our campaigns encapsulate the brand, the message, and the “it-factor” secret-sauce that make each of our clients unique. We develop fresh ideas to refine and rejuvenate age-old messaging, and create bold concepts that bring new companies to life.

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