They say content is king. Relevant content that connects, resonates, inspires, and matters to the audience it reaches – THAT’s what’s really king. It needs to flow seamlessly across all kinds of media outlets, and be tailored to the specific audience in each place. Great content doesn’t always just drop right into your lap either. (Although, sometimes ya get lucky.) We tackle content planning with a method and a strategy – and it all begins with taking a step back. Great marketing content falls flat in front of the wrong audience – like throwback 80’s jokes on millennials. So, we begin with audience research. We back up from all our creative ideas for just a moment and get to know and love the buying demographic for each of our clients. Then, we turn into research ninjas, finding out which segments of the target demographic are engaging on which platforms. Once we’re armed with that information, we create personas and get to the business of planning. We develop a content structure and “lay the rails,” setting the boundaries and lane markers for the types of content we create. This process is designed to keep the message squarely within the parameters of our clients’ brand. With the end-consumer in mind, we create video, digital media, still imagery, animations, copy, and whatever else we can dream up to (gently) hit our audience square in the nose with the message we’ve got. We unpack the story a little bit at a time and take our audience along for the journey. Our systematic approach to content planning is designed to perpetuate real, timely, meaningful marketing content, while allowing flexibility for that it-factor-good-stuff that tends to come up spur of the moment. We often find ourselves balancing related but varying content across broadcast, digital, print, outdoor, and social media platforms.