The whole point of creating a logo is to make your mark, right? To somehow convey your entire brand message and everything you do into one emblem that tells the entire story. For something that turns out so small, you’d think it would be easy. A well-designed (and well-utilized) logo has the power to invite inquisition, evoke emotion, and forge a loyal bond between the consumer and ‘their’ brand. Unlike any other component of advertising, the logo has the power to connect the consumer to the maker with an influential tie. It’s make or break, and with familiarity and frequency being essential in application, the stakes for getting it right are high. We address logo development with our clients with intentionality and care. It begins with counting the cost. Those ties between loyal consumers and their brands can be pretty tight – you change the logo up on them and it can feel like a betrayal! We live for a good rebrand – but we don’t crash into new creative ideas without understanding how consumers interact with our brands and how they will interpret the change. When the timing is right and it’s appropriate for our client, we develop killer logos that set a solid foundation for our clients. We develop logos for brand new companies, refreshed logo updates for established brands, and new marks for those well-rooted clients that are undergoing a rebrand. Our team develops refined and adaptive logos that accurately encompass a brand story in one image.