Media Buying Company in OKC

Media Buying

We develop smart, efficient, integrated media plans. We engage potential customers in a multimedia experience with a cohesive brand they know and trust. Intuitive media design is the heart and soul of Beyond Theory, and we’ll shamelessly tell you that no one does it better than us. We use every dollar intentionally, and each component of our media plan builds upon the next to produce results.

We purchase media across all available outlets:

  • Broadcast and Subscription Television
  • Broadcast and Subscription Radio
  • Outdoor and Transit
  • Everything Digital
  • Social Media
  • Magazines and Newsprint
  • Brochures
  • PPC (AdWords)
  • Direct Mail

With more than a decade of experience, our relationships with various media outlets and account executives run deep and wide. We have an established pricing baseline across all media channels and are able to maximize negotiating power. Instead of working for a station’s interest, we work solely on behalf of our clients’ interest. Our business is growing your business. Every dollar we spend on our clients’ behalf is taken with care, strategy, and deliberation. Our main objective with media buying is to make sure your message is distributed to the right audience through the appropriate medium. We want to be sure we are utilizing every resource in disseminating your message.

By looking at the big picture, we are able to factor in a multitude of variables to maximize return on investment. We proactively monitor placements and craft an effective plan to maximize reach and ensure our clients get the most bang for their buck.


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