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Social Media

If you want to be an effective marketer, you have to meet your audience where they are. Social media is a necessary component of any solid marketing strategy.

With the ability to uncover and compile detailed data on the exact audience we want to reach, we can now amass a powerhouse of information in order to meet people where they’re at. We utilize this data to give us information about the type of content that resonates with our audience. Our social team members build out personas and social brand guides for each client, and then begin the work of building target audience groups for each brand.

Once our target audience is identified, we begin working with different types of content in front of that audience. We then format and test the different types of content and track their performance. Over time, this trended information gives us insight into what is relevant and what’s not. Our teams continue to grow and expand audience groups as information develops.

We create a social strategy for each of our clients as a part of their integrated media plan. We think of each platform as a tool in a toolbox. We identify the targeted demographic for each of our clients, then select the best social media outlets to amplify the message in front of the right people. We distribute relevant content that quickly resonates with people. Our social strategies include content distribution methods that are timely, intentional, and purposeful.

We generate both paid and organic social content for our clientele.

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