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Web Design

“Our website just isn’t up to speed with our competitors, and we’re getting killed on search results.”

Sound familiar? This is a common theme with many of our new clients as they first begin to address the topic of web design. We typically encounter one of three different scenarios:

  1. They had a site built years ago and has remained largely untouched.
  2. They have no site at all and need to establish a web presence.
  3. They have a site that’s “not bad” but they’re all but invisible on search results.

As a non-negotiable component of any well-functioning business, the website must be the hardest working employee – hands down. We address these types of client concerns through well-planned and thorough internal web development processes. We build a powerful chassis for our clients that powers the machine of a smart website. The visual piece of this process is all about the design. And boy howdy, do we love web design.

A site map is established which guides the functionality and flow of the user experience. With this in place, our lead web developer taps into the creative skillset across various Beyond Theory team members. An internal team is assembled to consult and dream about the possibilities for the project. Under the guidance of our lead web developer a team is formed. Designers, social media gurus, video experts, and copywriters are brought together to develop ideas. All of our team members have a general knowledge of how web design actually works, and leaning on the creative strengths of multiple disciplines generates powerful interactions and new ideas.

With a vision in place, the process begins to move. Our web design team begins crafting visual applications of the new site with the creative aesthetic as a framework. These renderings are formatted into a client-facing presentation that serves to showcase the initial creative direction for client approval. When the creative aesthetic is approved, our team moves into the building phase with the established design direction as a guide.

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