Sometimes you only get one shot at a first impression, so you’ve gotta make it count. Your website is a place to tell your story and guide your friends, fans, and potential customers through an experience. It’s a place to show off personality, expertise, capabilities, and inspire visitors to take an action step with your brand. Our team begins with the end in mind. We approach web development with a multi-phase process that starts with outlining the end-game up front. We establish the ‘win’ we’re chasing at the end of the process from the onset. This gives our development team a framework and guideline to ensure that we hit the mark with a site that is intuitive, reactive, and pointed toward our clients’ biggest objectives. Our team uses a wide range of powerful tools to build original sites from top to bottom. Canned sites and templates aren’t really our thing. Once our objectives are established, we go to work creating a thoughtful map of the layout, design, and functionality of the site. We work diligently through every single detail of the build to create a seamless and smart user experience that guides visitors to specific action points within the site. This approach helps our clients build a community around their brand that, in the end, becomes a tribe of followers. Depending on the industry, most sites are accessed via mobile devices between 60% and 80% of the time. This means it better be fast, easy to use, and get to the point. Our team works with a ‘mobile-first’ mentality that sets the tone for how our sites function. It’s intuition that matters. The site needs to constantly be one step ahead of the user – encouraging them to take the next logical interactive step without having to think about it. Our clients always have the opportunity to play and interact with their sites in real-life user environments before the sites go live. Once our team passes the ball in this phase, we have  a chance to gather feedback about every single detail of the site. From there, we use that client feedback to tweak and adjust until we get everything just right. Once it’s perfect, we go live. Then, the fun part begins. The GOAT of all sites won’t matter if nobody sees it. (It’s Greatest Of All Time – some of us have to Google the latest acronyms too, don’t feel bad). Let us introduce you to that fun-filled buzzword that’s been gaining popularity since the late 90’s: SEO. With a site that is poised to wow the masses, we get to work putting it in front of the right eyeballs. Find out more here.