Lady tells abunch of future advertising workers how to make a good brand


Have you ever loved a novel? Or a movie or a Netflix series? If not, you’re a soulless robot and I have nothing else to say to you. But if the answer was yes, you already know the power of Storytelling. The question is, what does it have to do with marketing your Brand?

Before we start, let’s define what a story is in it’s simplest form. An engaging character has a goal, obstacles get in their way, they attempt to overcome their obstacles to reach their goal, and win or lose, they usually change along the way.

Great stories grip us, move us. They make us cry and laugh. Great stories can change our perspective of the world, connect us with humanity and leave an indelible mark on our very being. They give narrative structure, emotion and meaning to the world around us.

Unless you are a soulless robot, you don’t make logical buying decisions. You don’t methodically weigh out all the pros and cons, then do a cost benefit analysis and formulate your decision mathematically. You may think you do, but you don’t. Most buying decisions are emotional gut feelings that we justify with logic after our decision. Good marketing speaks to our Needs, Desires and Fears on a visceral level. It touches us and stays with us.

So why use Storytelling in marketing? Because it is the language of emotion. Does anyone buy Budweiser based on logic? No. It is the stories that build a brand. A german immigrant carrying a mysterious notebook travels to America seeking a better life. He faces horrific perils on his travels, but manages to overcome and arrive at his destination, Milwaukee, St. Louis. The moment he arrives, a crowd gathers, he takes out his mysterious notebook and says, “From now on, this is the beer we drink.”

When using storytelling for Branding, it’s important that the story in connected to the DNA of our Brand. It can’t be just any story. We are weaving a narrative that is inexorably and emotionally linked to the soul of your Brand.

Maybe the story is about how the product was made, how it was used, how your service saved a family from disaster, or how you gave back to the community. Or it’s simply a fictional story that captures the emotional essence of your brand. Your options are almost endless.

So instead of simply listing the benefits, start thinking in stories and really connect with your customer.