Beyond Theory Addy Awards

That shine, though

Our city is booming with creative professionals who bring some serious chops to the table. We like chops.

Primary Health Partners – “How to Have a Doctor”

Primary Health Partners

What’s the fastest way to end a conversation? Start talking about healthcare and insurance. Our brave friends at Primary Health Partners let us tell their very important and impactful story in an all-new way.

FitCamp 180


If all else fails, just go ’til you can’t go no more. Let us introduce you to our bro – Shawn Busby. You’ll be in shape by the end of this video.

Nexus Equine – “A Bigger Purpose”

"A Bigger Purpose" - Nexus Equine

“Someone should do something about that.” So, they did. Real people, with a real solution, to a real problem. That’s what we found at Nexus Equine. It was our privilege to tell their story.

Diffee “Carpool” Teaser

Diffee "Carpool" Teaser

Is that a beatboxer, or is that Court Diffee? We’ll never know.

Beyond Theory Brand Film

Beyond Theory Brand Video

Here’s a video about how great we are. We embrace humility, promise.