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Social Media, Then and Now

It’s amazing the journey we’ve been taken on with the rise and fall of social networks. Certainly, we’ve seen platforms such as Friendster, MySpace, Bebo their time in the sun and fade into obscurity. The landscape has changed drastically, due largely in part to the rise of Facebook.

Social media as a whole started as a way for people to connect, just as the name implies. It was an easy way for long-distance family and friends to correspond, share photos, videos, etc. Consequently, with the rise of e-commerce and its ease of integration with social networks, Facebook took the leap from being another network to join and browse content on, to a bonafide advertising platform.

With the launch of Instagram in 2010, Facebook took online media to the next level through the use of innovative advancements. They’ve modernized by making the user experience more interactive and immersive. As marketers, we subscribe to this idea that the best way to reach your audience is by meeting them where they are, and in 2019 that’s social media more than ever. By optimizing their platform to facilitate users generating and sharing original content, Facebook, and in turn Instagram, is keeping up with today’s user. Gone are the times of post-and-wait social strategies. Content crafted to re-engage users has been a part of Facebook’s capabilities for some time now. We could see some major updates and options for these tactics this year.

Going into 2019, ephemeral content will be as important as ever for brands that want to connect with their audience in a personal and direct way. We’ve seen the tumultuous relationship users have had with Snapchat and with the game-changing launch of Instagram Stories, timely and relevant content will be the target to hit this year.

Predictions for 2019:

  • User experience will become more immersive and interactive in 2019.
  • Ephemeral content is a major key.
  • Re-engaging and retargeting options will play a major role.

Social media is a powerful tool to utilize in today’s day and age, but finding the right medium for your message can be difficult. We would love to talk to you about how we can help craft a social media strategy, tailored to your needs.