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Diffee Ford Lincoln

“We Need To Show People The Ridiculous Stuff That Goes On Around Here”

Famous last words. We had only been inside the dealership for 5 minutes, and we couldn’t have agreed more.

“Is that guy over there eating a tortilla sandwich?” – “Yes.”

“How long are they going to be hugging like that?” – “Who knows.”

“Is he moon-walking?” – “Uh-huh.”

“Does he wear that fringe jacket on the regular?” – “Yes.”

And now we have all of the information we need to know about the crew over at Diffee Ford Lincoln. 

Seriously, step in there for one minute and you’ll see what we’re talking about. It was just too dang good to pass up. So, we whipped out our phones and anything else that would record and immediately started filming.

Welcome to the Family

The folks at Diffee are legit the salt-of-the-earth-please-will-you-be-my-best-friend-types. It’s thoroughly a family endeavor – and they aren’t kidding around. The Diffee kids have been in the shop washing cars since they were little, the inside jokes run rampant, and the Diffee family truly does encompass every dang person that walks through those doors.


Their kids are widely adored from those old-school spots from back in the late ’90s and early 2000s, but shockingly – they grew up. Sweet Gage and Gibson Diffee are a liiiiiiiitle less likely to be shootin’ the double-guns with dad in front of a Ford Mustang at 25 than they were at 6 years-old.

Together with the whole Diffee team, we set out to once again show Oklahomans what the Diffee family is all about. We got to know their whole team personally, completed a rebrand, and began to tell that old, familiar Diffee story in a brand new way.


Big Outdoor

With too much personality and inspiration to be contained, we knew we had to hit outdoor in a big way. We set out to bring the antics of the Diffee team into relatable static and digital advertising. The boards incorporate a mix of their team personality and dynamic, alongside sharp product imagery.

Hand Hugs for Everyone

Wanna know how to sell vehicles? It all begins with a warm embrace.